Signal Mountain Community Information

Popular outdoor recreational activities in Signal Mountain include, team sports, hiking, mountain biking, picnicking and exploring. Several public fields and tennis courts allow for various sports and golf is available at Signal Mountain Golf and Country Club. The city also manages a public pool, amphitheatre and two community centers.

Two scenic parks, three wilderness parks, and seven designated natural areas in Signal Mountain provide many acres of open space to explore. Hiking and mountain biking trails are available at Cumberland Trail State Park, Prentice Cooper State Park and Mabbitt Springs Park. The Cumberland Trail winds around many of Signal Mountainís natural attractions, including Rainbow Lake, Edwardís Point and Prentice Cooper Forest. The trail features a 75-foot suspension bridge crossing Middle Creek.

Signal Mountain's location on a ridge overlooking a valley has long been used for the purposes of communication. First, Native Americans would send smoke signals from the ridge. Later, Union soldiers set up a communications station to send messages to those stationed in Chattanooga. Few families lived on Signal Mountain until two Chattanooga epidemics in the 1870ís, cholera and yellow fever, sent residents headed for the hills. The clean air and fresh water supply on Signal Mountain was refreshing enough to convince some of the new residents to stay.

In the late-19th century, a visionary by the name of Charles James purchased land with the intention of developing Signal Mountain into the community of the future. His plans were slow-going in the early years, but by 1920 Signal Mountain had several modern amenities, a streetcar track that ran to Chattanooga, hotel, casino, dance hall, and golf course. The population would grow slowly over the years, but never fast enough to strip away the quaint peacefulness of this rural community.

Temperatures in Signal Mountain range from highs in the 80ís in July and August to lows in the 20ís in January. Precipitation occurs throughout the year, averaging about 52 inches annually. Light snowfall is common in January and February, when temperatures are at their lowest. The summer months are sunny and mild, with light winds and moderate afternoon humidity.

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